We are licensed tax consultants (CPAs) officially entitled to practice tax law in Germany and in the USA

Our office covers the entire spectrum of a domestic and an international tax practice

Since 1972, we work on behalf of companies and individuals, enabling them to comply with German tax regulations

Based on our expertise, we are familiar while interacting with the particular tax authority  

Our tax, accounting and compliance services do address all aspects of corporate and individual taxation   









Peter J. Sauer (partner), Certified Public Accountant • Steuerberater

Karl-Josef Sauer (founder and partner), Steuerberater • Rechtsbeistand


contact information:

Steuerkanzlei Sauer, Hauptstr. 131, 69242 Muehlhausen (Heidelberg metro area), Germany

 phone: +49 6222 94400, E-Mail-address: GermanCPA@GermanCPA.de


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